Light ! – I bow down to you !!

Fill my face with Radiance. Fill my body with radiance. Fill my mind with brilliance. My face, my look – let it be extraordinary according to my firm faith on Light. Let the photons be emanating from my skin. Let the photons emanate from my chicks, my chins, my foreheads and my total face shineContinue reading “Light ! – I bow down to you !!”

Mindset: Stilling the mind from fluctuations is possible.

I would like to post a drawing made by me. Just to see. How I can make it available here. Through this picture I would like to share something. When I was shattered by a particular event in my life, I was in tremendous depression. But, it was Almighty, who knocked me. As if whisperedContinue reading “Mindset: Stilling the mind from fluctuations is possible.”


My humble request to the readers of my blog that before you start reading, please consider this statement of mine. ☆Whatever I have written in the following article is purely based on my studies, my experiences and my personal development in the field of the particular subject.☆ While studying ancient sacred texts (Advaita Vedanta), IContinue reading “THE WISDOM OF THE FIVE SHEATHS (FIVE LAYERS~ Pancha Kosha)”